Monday, April 19, 2010


"You guys are the absolute pits of the world..."

Famous for both his amazing tennis game and legendary temper, John McEnroe has an unexpected personality trait: a great sense of humor! Game, Set, Rock! Tennis Amplified featured McEnroe playing an exhibition match against Jim Courier and later pairing up with Anna Kournikova in a doubles game against Jim and Monica Seles.

The night started off with lively music played by the Blue Dogs, a local folk-rock band native to the South Carolina area. The weather was perfect, the beer was ice cold and the music was good.

Jim and John arrived in separate EV Smart Cars. The electric cars travel up to 30 mph and are the perfect way for Daniel Island residents to scoot around town. (Jimboo loves them and thinks we would look awesome sporting one around town.)

John and Jim definitely still have IT. John had serves up to 117 mph and Jim's serves were up to 121 mph!

John made jokes about his infamous temper, questioning calls and fussing with the judge. The crowd loved him. McEnroe was clearly enjoying himself and playing well. It was a tight game with McEnroe finally taking the victory in a close tie-breaker.

All the players were wired with microphones for the doubles eight-game pro set. They bantered back and forth, with both John and Jim teasing an out-of-practice Monica about her serves. At one point, they held the net down so her serve would go over.

In a sassy pink Nike mini-dress, Anna Kournikova was cute, bubbly and every guy in the audience was wowed. It's easy to understand why she is so wildly popular.

Anna was serving to long-time friend, Courier and he egged her on to try to ace him. Kournikova acted like she was really going to put some heat on the serve... and then lightly bunny-tapped the ball over the net! Courier's jaw dropped and he didn't have a chance in the world to get to the net in time for the return.

Anna claimed the point and teased that tennis wasn't all about power, you had to be smart too. Pretty feisty chick! She scored some great points and was fierce up at the net. I wonder if my game would improve if I bought one of those pink dresses? hmmmm

We took David's daughter, Alex, and her friend, Kaylee, to the game. They didn't get a lot of the jokes about McEnroe's temper, so when we got home I pulled up some clips on YouTube. Now Alex and Kaylee will scream out to each other, "YOU CAN NOT BE SERIOUS!!"

Dave and I had a great time and Mr. McEnroe has two new teenage fans! I am having a blast in Charleston and hope to make the Family Circle Cup a yearly event.

In fact... I'm having so much fun that Myrtle Beach Web Marketing, LLC is now the proud owner of  a new domain:  Be on the lookout for it!

With exciting local sports like Stingray hockey, Riverdogs baseball, Family Circle Cup tennis and Charleston Battery soccer, it's going to be super fun to put together a Charleston things to do website. I'm getting ready to build the template and can't wait to start playing around with designs.

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Later Gaters!


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