Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bring on the Bike Rallies

The Myrtle Beach City Council had a workshop today to discuss the impact of new proposals and procedures that could have a year-round impact on local businesses.

The proposed ordnances are aimed at controlling the Biker Rally crowds, but the discussion will have an impact on hundreds and hundreds of businesses.

This is always a hot topic in the area, and is sure to get the locals riled up one way or another. Me? I love the Bike Rallies! I think they are a ton of fun, bring a tremendous amount of revenue and exposure to the city, and sure do liven up this town.

The Rallies are a tradition here in the Grand Strand and started in the 40's. They are said to attract 300,000 visitors to the area. With poker runs, custom bike shows, live bands, tough guys, cool chicks... who could ask for more?

Local business owner, Karon Mitchell told, “On an estimate, I took in around $300,000 for Harley Week at all 3 hotels. Ok, that’s a hunk of change for me as a small motel owner.” Mitchell also says she makes about the same during the Atlantic Beach Bike Fest.

I agree. That's a lot of cash (and that's just one small motel chain.) Bring it on!