Wednesday, December 8, 2010

North Myrtle Beach's Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony

North Myrtle Beach's Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony was held at McLean park on Friday, December 3, 2010.

My step-daughter, Alex, is involved with Keep America Beautiful and her group group helped set up decorations for the Christmas Festivities along with several other Horry County residents.

We arrived at about 4:00pm bundled up with hats, gloves and thick sweaters, and got straight to work. About 30 volunteers worked on setting out hundreds and hundreds of luminary candles throughout the park and then making a second go round to light all of them. (I saw a lot of Advil in my future...)

The kids did a great job and worked their little hearts out. Filling bags with a handful of sand, dropping a votive candle in each one, placing them on both sides of every single path in the park, lining them around the lake and then setting them alight.

By the time the sun went down and the ceremony started, the park looked amazing.

The Keep America Beautiful volunteers enjoyed Papa John's Pizza and hot chocolate compliments of the North Myrtle Beach Parks and Recreation Department.

The city put on a nice show with singers and performers of all ages.

Santa arrived via the North Myrtle Beach Fire Department's truck. Sirens blazing. The kids went nuts. Santa set up camp at the gazebo overlooking the pond and the kids lined up and eagerly waited their turn to tell him what they wanted for Christmas.

Alex handed out candy to the kids after they finished up with Santa. After the last child in line whispered their Christmas wish to Santa it wasn't time for us to go home... it was time to help clean up!
Melinda and Alex ran through the park stomping out the luminary candles. I think they had more fun stomping the luminaries out than they did setting them out and lighting them. Although they were strutting around like peacocks when the parents told them they were old enough to use the lighters properly, and sent them out on a mission to light as many candles as they could before the sun set.

Little did they know, our backs were hurting from bending over and setting out so many luminary candle bags... we could have cared less if Alex and Melinda set the entire park on fire as long as we didn't have to bend over and light all those damn candles!

After five hours outside, I was seriously chilled to the bone and ready to head home. It was a fun night and I'm super proud of Alex, Melinda and all of the other kids who participated with Keep America Beautiful.

Next year, I am going to wear electric socks!

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Busch Gardens Virginia is just a quick 45 minute drive from the Virginia Beach oceanfront, and the Virginia Zoo is less than 20 minutes from the oceanfront boardwalk.

Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm in love with a gay man...

I am not sure what planet I have been living on, but I totally missed out on the entire Adam Lambert thing. I am so in love with this gay man that I am completely beside myself. 

The last gay man I was in head over heals for was Jacob from Gold's gym. Gold's had some pretty decent looking guys hanging out, pumping iron, but none of them tripped my trigger.

Same ol' Same ol'


One day, this guy walks by and I am like BAM. OMGosh. I have to meet him, Jan! He has the X-factor.

What the F is that?

You know, the unknown, something special that you can't put your finger on. The X-factor. That guy, over there. He has *** IT ***!!

Jan rolled her eyes, got off the stationary bike and went outside to have a smoke.

I watched my mysterious x-man for a couple days. He was oblivious to my fascination. Drat. OK. Activate Plan B. Think quick!! I literally throw myself in front of him when he walks by...

OH! HI! (sweet, innocent smile)

You see, MBWA (Myrtle Beach Web Angel) is no dummy. She knows that once you actually say hi and smile at a guy- you go up at least 10 notches on his radar. Ugly, pretty, skinny, fat... you just seriously gained some ground just by being nice, looking someone in the eye, smiling and saying hello.

We start smiling every time we see other in the gym. A little wave. I have a serious crush. Jan can't figure it out. She says he is not my "normal" type, whatever that is. I told her there is just something special about him but I am not sure what it is yet.

We finally formally introduce ourselves. Chat forever while on the elliptical machine. I stay on the machine until I almost pass out. He has a lot of endurance. His name is Jacob. The X-factor? Did he have it? You bet he did. My sweet Jacob has a genius IQ and a great smile. Not a lie. He edits books for the super smart--- doctors and such. He is smarter than they are and fixes their mistakes!! Jacob has a brilliant mind. He is charming, witty and has beautiful sincere eyes. We are going to be perfect together...

He's gay, Melissa.


Yes. He's gay.


He is hanging from a shoulder harness over there doing the splits...

What?! Oh, well... he likes yoga. He is very spiritual. That doesn't mean he is gay.

His leg is stretched behind his head.

He's flexible. Maybe double jointed.

His feet are literally touching the back of his head now. Look.

I'm not looking. Leave me alone.

He's gay.

You're just jealous. You don't want me to be happy.

I am not jealous of your gay boyfriend.


Denial. Denial. Denial.

No fair. No fair. No fair. I called dibs...

I was crushed. My crush was crushed. It was over before it even began. Sigh.

How depressing for me. The story doesn't have a terrible ending. I met my Fave Dave a short time later. Dave's not gay, but close enough. He is a metro and sensitive. I had to give him manicures and pedicures to bring him up to snuff, but I love that man. He is actually better than gay. He is a manly-man structural airplane mechanic AND screams like a girl if he stubs his toe. Who could ask for more?

I haven't been in love with another gay man since Jacob. It's been years. Until now. Tonight. By chance, I am watching E. Joan Rivers just got through trashing everyone in Hollywood. I enjoyed it. Cheap laughs at other people's expense.

I start poking around on my cell phone, playing Scrabble against the computer. Another show has come on with this guy named Adam Lambert.

I glance up. Who is that? Adam Lambert? Whatever. Back to Scrabble.

But he starts to catch my eye. X-FACTOR ALERT!!!  X-FACTOR ALERT!!! I start watching. Homely, overweight, ginger kid takes American Idol by storm. I set my phone down. His voice: brilliant. He is singing Zeppelin, Hendrix, Queen.

My trigger? Tripped.

Where the hell did this guy come from? Oh my. He looses weight, dyes his hair black, puts on leather. I go nuts. I am all over my droid pulling up YouTube videos of Adam Lambert. The icing on the cake? Yep. He is gay.

I love him so much. The more music I pull, the more I adore him. I don't know how I missed him.

Well, yes I do. I don't actually watch a lot of TV. My internet is set to only bring me news on things I am already interested in. I don't get the newspaper. I listen to Pandora and create my station based on music I already like...

Anyways- this Adam. Adam, I worship and adore you. My finance is incredibly sexy. He can dance. He dresses really well and he has a super hot body. David. I am going to dress you up just like Adam. I am going to put eye liner on you and buy you black leather pants. We're going to pretend you are Adam Lambert and I am going to see if I can make you straight...

You're here, for my entertainment tonight...

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Virginia Beach Aquarium responds to Gulf Oil Crisis

The Virginia Beach Aquarium sent two key members of their Stranding Response Team to the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas for 10 days to assist with saving and rehabilitating sea turtles sick from the gulf oil spill.

Mark Swingle (the aquarium's director of research and conservation) along with Christina Trapani (assistant stranding response coordinator)  flew to New Orleans on June 29th and embarked on a 10 day mission to provide relief and assistance to the Audubon staff who has been working tirelessly to save hundreds of turtles affected by the spill.

The Audubon Aquarium of the Americas is working in conjunction with the Louisiana Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle Rescue Program and is the primary responder for the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of all marine mammals (dolphins, whales and manatees) and sea turtles along the Louisiana coast.

Hundreds upon hundreds of sea turtles are expected to become stranded in the area and in need of help. The largest challenge facing these environmentalists is being able to house them long-term because as of right now, they cannot be released back into their native habitat.

Swingle and Traponi are just two of many volunteers joining the effort to assist in the gulf. Their focus will be assisting veterinarians with feeding, administering medications, treating injuries and keeping tanks clean.

The Virginia Beach Aquarium Stranding Response Team has responded to over 1500 marine animal strandings and more than 2200 sea turtles. The Stranding Response Program is supported by donations from the community, corporations and grant-making organizations. You can get involved and help by making a tax-deductible gift to the Virginia Aquarium.

If you're looking for things to do in Virginia Beach, remember the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center! Your admission price helps support the important research and conservation programs that the aquarium participates in.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Virginia Zoo

One of my earliest memories was standing with my face pressed up to the fence of the Lafayette Zoo and having a deer come up and kiss me. I was super tiny. Maybe just 3 or 4 years old. That deer just made my day. That sweet kiss might have very well been the start of my childhood fantasies of living a Dr. Doolittle lifestyle surrounded by bunnies, horses, lions, tigers and whatever creature the good Lord wanted to throw my way.

I was lucky enough to own a small pet shop and surrounded myself with beautiful tropical fish, small parrots, adorable newts, silly frogs, mean hamsters and even I even had a snake that I was afraid of. I've been bitten by the best: hamsters, parrots, a Rottweiler and even my crazy cat, Mo.

I love going to zoos, aquariums, wildlife refuges, etc. I am a true tourist at heart and love to travel and take pictures.

My friend Jan and I have several attractions websites: Virginia Beach Attractions, Myrtle Beach Kids Stuff, Florida Tourist Attractions and Charleston Things To Do. I jump at every chance I get to build pages on cool places like the Virginia Beach Aquarium, the Virginia Zoo and the Myrtle Beach Aquarium. Visiting all the great area tourist attractions gives me the opportunity to indulge myself in everything I am passionate about: animals and their environment, travel and tourism, web-design, videography and photography.

Most recently, I took my nephews, Jack and Sam, too the Virginia Zoo. They are adorable and completely photogenic- so lots of pictures and video clips were taken by their doting aunt. The video below was the icing on the cake for the Virginia Zoological Park page.

I miss my little nephews so much and have watched this video more than 20 times.

While there isn't a Virginia Beach Zoo, this tourist attaction definitely made it on our Virginia Beach Attractions website because of its close proximity to Virginia Beach.

I hope you enjoy it the video and hope that you get a chance to visit the Virgina Zoo sometime in the near future. They have made a lot of improvements over the last 5-10 years, so if you haven't been in a while it's definitely time for a visit.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Forces of Nature vs. Mit Tressler

Forces of Nature 15
Mit Tressler 0

Seems like nothing is going my way and the trip to Philadelphia is jinxed. Either that, or I have a hex on me...

I got up Friday morning at 8am and we finished packing the U-haul at 5:00pm. We rolled out for the 14 hour drive to Philadelphia at 5:30.  Yep- that's PM. Jimboo and I were in the Bug, Dave and Alex followed behind in the U-haul.

The drive wasn't bad. Sometime around 4am we were near Washington DC and made a quick detour into the city to show Dave and Alex the White House. My GPS went insane and had us driving in circles forever. We did pass the Jefferson Memorial and the Washington Monument.

It was dark out and we had the big truck, so we didn't stop. We just drove around in circles for a while.

We grabbed breakfast, then lunch, secured our storage and got to the hotel around 4:30pm. 36 hours with no sleep and counting.

The hotel was impressive at first, or maybe it was just being in the big city. Super tall, big lobby, cool views. In addition to the $160.00 a night base rate we were paying, there was a 20.00 a day surcharge for parking and another 20.00 surcharge for the internet.  Surprise. Welcome to Philadelphia.

OK- it is what it is. It was around 5pm before we got checked in. The carpet in the room was covered in nasty stains, and Jimboo was interested in quite a few of them.

We were hungry and decided to hit the streets to find a Philly Cheesesteak sandwich. UTTER FAIL. We walked forever and got a lot of great shots of the city, but I swear there was no food to be found. A couple people seemed friendly and gave us directions. Little did we know they were evil little minions sent to aggravate us and give us directions that led to nowhere. Somehow we ended up in a sketchy part of town, but finally got to eat the Cheesesteak that had eluded us for hours. You would think it would have been wonderful because we were starving and delirious from lack of sleep...

Um, no. Overcooked, dry, bland. Sad Sad Sad. Bummer.

We made it back to the hotel and I wanted to go to sleep, but Dave's daughter, Alex was begging for the pool so we decided to go for a swim before turning in. There was a stack of towels by the door and so we jumped right in. By the time we were done swimming a truckload of kids stormed the pool area and swiped all the towels before we could grab one. Darn.

We were freezing and dripping wet with no towels. I called the front desk and they said they would bring some right away.

We waited. And waited. And waited. I called again and waited some more. They never came. We called a third time. We trekked through the hallways dripping wet.

Maybe it was the lack of sleep, maybe the 40.00 a day they were nickle and diming us for internet and parking, maybe it was the towels... but my patience was shot and I could go to a much less expensive hotel and be treated like crap. I called the front desk at about 9p and told them we were out of here. Little did I know I was cutting off my nose to spite my face but it felt good to say goodbye to this hotel.

Do you know we drove for HOURS trying to find a pet friendly hotel with availability? Ultimately we found a great place and I finally got some sleep about 42 hours after my day began. The hotel was called Element and is right over the PA line in Ewing, NJ. The comforters were white and plush, the pillows and bed were wonderful and my sweet little Jimboo even got his own bed (which he turned his nose up at and climbed under my covers to go to sleep.)

If your looking for Philadelphia hotels and don't mind a bit of commute, I highly recommend the Element. And the complimentary breakfast? Not a dry bagel or stale muffin in site. I had a warm egg and cheese croissant along with granola cereal with blueberries and cherries.

The Element was my light at the end of the tunnel.

The story goes on and on with spilled drinks, broken sunglasses, a GPS on drugs, slow refunds, but I 'll wrap it up for now and end on a high note of some cool city shots of Philadelphia.

Starting a new day in a new town.
There it is! Philadelphia! Woo Hoo!
View from our hotel.
Not sure what I think of rooftop tennis...
Tooling around town.
The city is awesome and overwhelming.

Some areas are skeeeery...

We finally found a sub shop on this street.

Heading to Chinatown.
Entrance to Chinatown.
I didn't really find anything cool to buy. Just ate an almond cookie.
A charming little street hidden in the middle of the city.

So this beach girl is a little out of sorts in this big city. Roof top tennis? I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.

I would like to have some sand between my toes- maybe I will go buy a bag at Lowe's and pour it on the ground outside of my hotel room. 

Speaking of beaches! I was in Virginia Beach several weeks ago and got to visit my wonderful, brilliant, highly photogenic nephews, Jack and Sam. With the Virginia Beach Attractions website well underway, I am always looking for things to do in Virginia Beach! As always, we were pressed for time, so Dave and I decided to take Jack and Sam to the Virginia Zoo. It's right down the street from my brother's house and I totally love going to the zoo. Any zoo. Okay- so it's not in Virginia Beach, but is only about 20 minutes away- so close enough for Rock and Roll. More on that trip in my next blog!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Til I find the righteous one... Computer Blue

Last night, I downloaded 27 Prince songs from I tortured David's daughter with my jams all afternoon...

I was reminiscing about Junior High School and telling Alex how Chris Woolard and my brother would pick me and my best friend (Debbie Keener) up from school every now and then. Chris had an 84 GT Mustang and we would tear out of Brandon Jr. High School's parking lot blaring 1999 and waving to all the losers who had to ride the school bus.

Alex laughed and said, "Isn't funny how YOU THOUGHT you were so cool back then, but when you look back now... you guys were really so nerdy?"

I said, "Um no, Alex. We actually were cool. You're the nerd. We were bad ass... for real."

I'm feeling like it's time to trade my bug in for a mid-life crisis car.
Jimboo and I would really be cool then... for real.

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High on my list of priorities... staying out of a mental ward.

This has nothing to do with the beach or the good life and I don't give a hootie patootie. This blog is a rant and not about anything happy so stop reading if you were hoping I was going to spread some joy... Yep. My inner child is pissed off again!

My friend just lost her dad. He struggled with addiction much like my mom. She commented how sad it was that he only had a few possessions left for her to go through- his girlfriend took off with the few meager belongings he had to his name and the only things left for her were a couple of shirts and some pants that the nursing home gave him. There is a good chance that her dad's girlfriend isn't even aware that he passed away. I didn't ask Cindy, but I'm guessing that her dad's girlfriend is a struggling addict too.

The whole situation has ticked me off and brought up some feelings I thought were long packed away and now I am up at 3:45am on a manic rip. I always felt angry about my mom and why things were so damned hard for her. Why couldn't she just have that little tiny house with the white picket fence that she wanted so damn bad?

Was that just too much to ask for? It sucks and makes you question what we are doing here? What's the whole purpose? Why is life so good to some people while it hands others nothing but crap?

Don't come back preaching how it's all about the choices we make. ANY ONE OF US COULD HAVE GONE DOWN A SHITTY ROAD. The wrong best friend, the wrong boy friend, the wrong things available during a time of crisis.

There but for the grace of God go I. There but for the grace of God go I.

My mantra.

It's the only reason any one of us aren't out on the streets smoking crack and shooting heroin. Don't pat yourself on the back or think you're special just because you didn't struggle like my mom or like Cindy's dad. We just got lucky, I guess.

Speaking of God, I was just cussing him out today. (And I am not joking. I have a strange relationship with him since my parents died. I am still pretty ticked off and hopefully he understands and will forgive me for screaming at him in my darker moments.)

Anyhoo- I'm not gonna lie. It's been a hell of a ride with Dave's kids lately and I have to wonder how God could take away my wonderful family who loved and cared about me so much- and replace them with selfish, ignorant, creepy little boys (one of which continues to pick his nose at age 24, another who doesn't think shampoo is necessary and the other who thinks he is a brilliant prodigy because he knows how to use dental floss.)

Mr. Dental Floss sat down Monday night and told David that he was here to take all he could get from us and was not staying in our house to contribute in any way. This is how he justifies not taking out the trash, leaving dirty dishes, and not even putting a dime towards the gas in the car Dave let's him drive.

He honest to God, actually said, "Dad, I'm not here to contribute..."
This is the kid who is sleeping in my 600 thread-count sheets, raiding my closet for the Calvin Klein towels, gobbling down $30 a bottle vitamins that I bought by the handful and eating a half gallon of Breyer's premium ice-cream in one sitting. Every bit of toilet paper that has wiped his little white hiney in the last 6 months has been purchased by me (probably with a coupon!) The sense of entitlement makes me want to vomit and I want to pummel him.

John McEnroe help me out here!!!

(Thanks John.)

Did the kid really just say that?!
I am still frothing at the mouth- I swear I am.

Right now I am like a rabid dog and Dave has to keep pulling me away because I am pissed off like Cujo. If it were me- Mr. Fancy pants would be riding a bike from this point forward and sharing a bowl of kibble with Jimboo. Oh, who am I kidding?? My little pooh-berry Jimboo doesn't eat kibble...

He looks at it, rolls his eyes and waits patiently for me to share my Filet Mignon with him. But the kid? Yeah- I'd be feeding him Jimboo rejects.

For now- I feel better just getting this off my chest. In fact, I am thinking about blocking all the kids from my facebook account so I can bitch about them more often... OH WHATEVERRRRRR!!! That would only enable them to continue being little creeps.

I need to get them out of whatever crazy land of denial they have been living in. I will be the guiding light... it's my new mission. Come on boys, Melissa is going to show you the way to the promise land!! Thou shalt honor thy father... Follow me!!

(I freaking love this pic and will use it every chance I get!)

Back on subject. Dave is such an amazing guy-- are these kids seriously cut from the same cloth? Do they have brain damage? Is this just a phase? Was I a huge asshole too at age 20 and have just forgotten?? Help me understand!!!

ok. I'm done with my rip now. Now I can go and sleep like a baby.    sigh.

Anyhoo- no matter what- I have to keep my eye on the golden ring, which is building a little empire of high ranking websites and not letting these kids push me completely over the edge before I take over the world. Staying out of a mental ward is high on my list of priorities right now...

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The directory of SC attorneys is a work in progress! I built the template for the site, edited the photos, created the background tile (which I think is horribly horribly cool!!) and wrote the content.

My buddy, Jan Chilton, is my Myrtle Beach SEO extraordinaire and works tirelessly behind the scenes to get our sites ranking in Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. It's no easy job, but she's a champ and we have no fear.

Pop onto the new Attorneys-SC website and have a look around. Oooh and Ahhh a little. We like the colors and think it's sleek and sophisticated. Now if I could just get myself to start working on that darn directory of SC lawyers!!! It's the easy part, which makes it no fun at all to work on.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Day in the Life of the Easily Distracted...

  • I have a box full of gifts that I have never gotten around to mailing to my little nephew, Jack. These are gifts that started with Christmas and kind of grew from there. They have been piling up on my kitchen counter for months. After several failed attempts to make it to Virginia and hand deliver the presents, I decided to mail my tokens of love and affection. I want my Jackie-Bear to have his presents before he becomes an adult... somehow I don't think he will appreciate his Sponge Bob Hippity Hop Ball as much when he is 23 years old. I'm not sure what happened next, but I do know one thing: the gifts were sitting on the counter weeks later. The box? Nowhere to be found.
  • I finally found a box and stacked all the gifts in it. Again, a couple more weeks have come and gone. The box and the gifts are still here. They mock me from my kitchen table.
  • Today is the day. I decided to include a note to my brother with the gifts explaining how much I suck and that I am sorry for not visiting more often this year. I just can't seem to get it together.
  • I sat down at the computer to write the letter and started checking emails. I am the editor extraordinaire of my HOA's newsletter and there was a request to include some additional information before sending the final draft.
  • The quick two minute edit took a couple hours. I started digging through the internet for some clip art to compliment the new information. Its impossible to find the perfect graphic and everything has to be completely reworked in Photoshop... so says the addict. 
  • I plug in the new clip art and add the requested content.

  • The edit completely throws off the forces of nature and I quickly decide the entire newsletter format needs to be tweaked so that the powers that be will once again be happy.
  •  I saved the final draft and got ready to send it via email to the property management company. I double-clicked on my email icon to attach newsletter and ship it off, but got sidetracked by an email from my buddy and roommate, Michael.
  • Saint Michael. He parties like a rock star, always has a ton of women surrounding him in these crazy bar pictures where he is dancing on tables and grinning like a Cheshire cat. He uploads thousands of pictures a week of all these wild parties. Women call him at all hours of the day and night. I hear Michael on the phone in his room crooning to them, "I love you baby..." But Michael insists they are all just good friends and he is not romantically involved with any of them. I started calling him Saint Michael.
  • So I had this idea!! OMG- that is my next blog. Saint Michael! I pop on his Facebook account and start saving pics to file and working on the content in my head. I grab a picture of Michael with two Hooter girls, another pic has him going low on some chick in a dancing cage and finally one with Saint Mike in a conga line of about 10 women dressed to the hilt...
  • Did I mention that Michael has had about 5 back surgeries? hahahaha  His doctors are ready to string him up. Nothing stops him.
  • I have been working on the blog for a while and decide to head to the kitchen to grab a drink. I'm like- wow. That damn box is still sitting on the table!!!  Darn. I totally spaced on my mission of the day. Maybe the gifts should be individually wrapped? It's the least I could do for my Jackie-Bear since he has had to wait so long...
  • Like a bunny, I race up the stairs to grab the wrapping paper and dash back downstairs. I am on a mission!
  • I have tape on my desk, but need scissors. Shoot. They are in the dishwasher. (Um, no the dishes aren't clean- I forgot to start it after last night's fried chicken dinner.) I used the scissors to trim chicken fat. ewww. I don't even want to touch them. They are all icky with day old chicken goo.
  • I walk to sink to wash the scissors, but there is a lot of stuff stacked up in there dirty. Maybe if I reorganize the stuff in the dishwasher, I can make more room and fit them all in.
  • After cleaning out the sink and starting the dishwasher, I notice a stack of cooking magazines on the counter. Man- I need to figure out something for dinner. Maybe I can find a recipe real fast...
  • I see this kick-ass food thermometer that Cooks Illustrated has rated as the absolute best of the best. It is soooo much what I need to be a better cook. I decide to check out the pricing on the internet... shoot!! My email pops up after the screen saver clicks off. I need to send the newsletter! I totally spaced on that. AHHHHHH
  • And now? Well, I finally emailed the newsletter but Jimboo reminded me that he has to pee and doesn't know how to sit on the toilet yet. He doesn't know how to open the front door either. However, he does know how to dress! Jimboo- you look sharp!!

  • While I am walking my little man, I have another brilliant idea for my blog... A Day in the Life of the Easily Distracted!! And you know what? It's 10:00 pm and that damn box of gifts is still sitting on the kitchen table and off hand... I'm not exactly sure what I did with the scissors. Instead of doing anything worth a poot in the wind, I'm writing this blog and thinking about what kind of goofy picture I can come up with to go with it.
  • Round and round and round she goes... where she stops, nobody knows. (AKA: another day shot to hell.)

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Monday, May 3, 2010

The Luckiest Girl in the World

Oh yeah baby!! I totally found my day-timer bite guard!!

You know what that means, don't you?? Yep.
Not only am I sooo much a winner AGAIN...
but I have saved even MORE money.

Count the Benjis. First I saved $250.00 by buying the day-timer and night-timer at the same-timer!
(sorry, I couldn't help my self on that one)

PLUS now I don't have to buy a replacement day guard...
That saves me $250.00 more!! Woo Hoo. $500.00 bucks baby.
$$$  That's cold hard cash in the bank.  $$$

I truly am... The Luckiest Girl in the World.
(I'll try not to spend it all in one place.)

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