Thursday, May 20, 2010

Til I find the righteous one... Computer Blue

Last night, I downloaded 27 Prince songs from I tortured David's daughter with my jams all afternoon...

I was reminiscing about Junior High School and telling Alex how Chris Woolard and my brother would pick me and my best friend (Debbie Keener) up from school every now and then. Chris had an 84 GT Mustang and we would tear out of Brandon Jr. High School's parking lot blaring 1999 and waving to all the losers who had to ride the school bus.

Alex laughed and said, "Isn't funny how YOU THOUGHT you were so cool back then, but when you look back now... you guys were really so nerdy?"

I said, "Um no, Alex. We actually were cool. You're the nerd. We were bad ass... for real."

I'm feeling like it's time to trade my bug in for a mid-life crisis car.
Jimboo and I would really be cool then... for real.

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  1. Those were the days. You know I'm not so sure we, or you, or anybody I knew or hung out with was really "nerdy." I was a foolish, irresponsible, libedo driven (wife would say nothing has changed there) guy driving tires off my car circling through the same neighborhoods looking for a party. I guess some things never change....ha ha.


  2. we were definitely cool. Totally the IN crowd.
    :) Life was definitely good back then. Not sure if you read some of the comments in Facebook, but a buddy of mine was razzing me about "The Stealth." Aka: the Impulse in some of her later days. Can you believe that car made it well over 200,000 miles??? Ken and I loved that car. We would come off 64 and coast towards the beach... the mpg would shoot up to like 276 and we thought it was so cool and so high tech. It really was ahead of it's time wasn't it? I almost took off in my car at 3am the other morning just to listen to tunes... maybe I am having a midlife crisis afterall?? hahahaha

  3. Mit - The Impulse was a great car. You and Ken really got your monies worth. Heck, I wonder if that car is still going? And yeah, the mystery of time stirs us all. We're all middle aged now and it seems to have happened so fast. So live!! Turn it up!