Monday, March 31, 2008

Check out the New T3 Police Cruisers

It kind of looks like a suped up Jazzy chair, but this vehicle won the 2007 Innovation Award for Best Vehicle and the Spark Award at the International Spark Design Awards. The T3 vehicles are electric motorized three wheel vehicles and the city of Myrtle Beach just purchased three of them for the police force.

The T3s are designed and manufactured by T3 Motion, Inc. with public safety officers and private security markets in mind. It is set to travel at 12 miles per hour and gets officers out of their cars, onto the streets, and interacting with the public. They increase mobility, and are fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.

Perfect for Myrtle Beach in the busy tourist season.

The T3s were purchased with $30,000.00 in seized drug money and the city has trained 30 officers how to use them. Officers will begin cruising around on them Monday and will be used in The Market Common area and Third Avenue South to 21st Avenue North.

They're designed to help officers tackle many of their daily functions, including patrolling public areas. The T3's improve the efficiency of the police force; they cover more ground more quickly, and reduce fatigue which is important during our hot summer months.

It's exciting technology and Lt. Richard Show of the Myrtle Beach Police Department told The Sun News that we are one of only two areas in the state using the vehicles.

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The Market Common: All about Location

It lacks visibility. It lacks familiarity. Many Myrtle Beach residents have no idea where it is and zip right by it! And... that's just the way developers planned it.

The Market Common is tucked away and off the beaten path, nestled in between Kings Highway and the bypass. Clayton McCaffery, vice president of leasing for McCaffery Interests, told The Sun News that they would have never done this project right on Highway 17 or the Bypass.

McCaffery Interests is developing The Market Common. The vision was to make another shopping area off of the main interstate, but to create an urban village in an area that allowed room for expansion and creativity. It will be an hot spot for Myrtle Beach condos and Myrtle Beach real estate, where residents live amongst shops and residential properties are mixed with commercial real estate.

Now that the The Market Common is making it 's debut, expect to hear a lot more buzz and see more billboards and other advertisements. This is one of the most exciting projects launching in the city of Myrtle Beach!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Interested in a Fixer-Upper?

I'm a do it your selfer... I've tackled tile, minor wall repairs, painting and this weekend, I took out an ugly light fixture and brightened up my dining area with a great ceiling fan.

It's one of the things I love about the Myrtle Beach real estate market; there are some fantastic deals available if you are willing to put in some TLC.

Many of the condos in Myrtle Beach have deeply discounted pricing because they need a bit of work. Take my condo for example. The light fixtures were dated, the carpet was mauve, and it needed some fresh paint. It's been a lot of work, but when I sit back and look at all that I have accomplished, I give myself a little pat on the back.

Plus, my hard work has paid off. Not only do I love the new look, but I've significantly increased my property value.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

There is Plenty of Sunshine in Myrtle Beach!

If it still feels like winter, and you are shivering from the cold... hop in your car or jump on a plane and head to Myrtle Beach! It's sunny and warm most days in the early spring and perfect for a bike ride or stroll on the beach.

It's easy to get to from Myrtle Beach from most major cities in the Northeast, and we have affordable air service with airlines like Spirit and Air Tran. We also have service with major airlines like USAir, Continental and Delta.

There are 60 miles of coastline along the Ocean and it's a golfer's paradise with more than 100 golf courses in the area. With so many amenities, the Myrtle Beach real estate market gets a tremendous boost from snowbirds who are looking for Myrtle Beach condos as second homes.

Many resorts offer swimming pools and ocean access. If your family is sports minded, there are plenty resorts with golfing, tennis, and bike trails available that are just minutes from the beach.
It's the perfect place to stay and play!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Myrtle Beach Sun Fun Expands

Traditionally the Myrtle Beach Sun Fun festival includes a parade, sand castle building competition, and beauty pageants to attract both locals and tourist in the Grand Strand area. This year the Chamber of Commerce, which organizes the event, hopes to expand the celebration throughout the summer months.

The chamber hopes to extend the opening events in June to include two weekends and then continue concerts, kids programs and festivals, and other competitions throughout the remaining summer months.

Tentative plans include wave runner competitions, volleyball tournaments and surfing competitions.

The tourism leaders are even extending the festival activities from the downtown Myrtle Beach area to The Market Common; which is a new residential, shopping and dining complex at the old Myrtle Beach Air Force Base. Festivities will kick off at The Market Common on June 7th with fireworks and a concert.

Sun Fun will encompass the entire Myrtle Beach area, but don't worry! There will still be plenty to do in the downtown area, where the events are traditionally held. The chamber plans the double the amount of events that will take place in the heart of the city.

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Keeping Costs Low

County spokesperson, Lisa Bourcier, told The Sun News that bids submitted for the new general aviation terminal at Myrtle Beach were much higher than the $4 million that was budgeted for the project.

Seven companies submitted bids and the lowest bid was $1 million over budget. The county plants to have the architects working on the project get together next week to determine how to lower the costs of building the terminal.

It usually takes about two weeks to wrap things up and finalize contracts once a bid is accepted, but it's going to take longer for this project as the county works to lower the cost.

The airport is within the Myrtle Beach city limits and is run by Horry County. The current terminal is in an old military terminal and services private planes.

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Bike Week 2008 is going to Rock

Bike Week in Myrtle Beach is literally going to rock this year thanks to the Myrtle Beach Hard Rock Theme Park. The park has secured concerts with Charlie Daniels and .38 Special during the Mid-May Bike Week.

Concerts at the park will be held in the Born in the USA section of the park and regular performances are included in your ticket price.

The Hard Rock Amphitheatre can seat 2000 visitors, has standing room for 10,000 and will also have room for 8000 more fans on the lawn! The park plans to have local and regional groups as entertainment during the day with 6-8 headliners the first year.

This year Bike Week runs from May 9th- 18th, with a fall rally planned for October 1st-5th.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse coming to Grande Dunes

Hooray! There's a new steak in town. A spokesman for Burroughs & Chapin Co. Inc. confirmed that Ruth's Chris Steak House will be opening at Grande Dunes on March 24.

For those of you who have not had the pleasure of dining at a Ruth's Chris Steak House, they are internationally renowned for their unbeatable USDA Prime steak. Each steak is aged for tenderness with a cut that ensures that the steak will be juicy, and then it is seared to absolute perfection at 1800 degrees.

You can literally hear your steak coming as they bring it to your table on a 500 degree platter. It stays nice and warm through your entire meal.

The 9,500 square-foot restaurant have about 115 employees and serves dinner daily. Ruth's Chris also has market fresh seafood and choices for vegetarians.

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Friday, March 14, 2008

McLean Park's Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday, March 22, 2008 is going to be another great day for North Myrtle Beach residents. The city is going to have it's annual easter egg hunt at McLean Park and it's going to fun for kids of all ages.

Egg hunting areas are set up for all age groups: 2 and under, 3-5 year olds, 6-8 year olds, 9-11 year olds, and ages 12 and up.

McLean Park is a 10 acre park that is the perfect location for the festivities. It features a two-acre lake, multiple grills for family cookouts after the egg hunt, a quarter mile walking trail, tennis courts and restroom facilities.

It's going to be exciting for the younger children because the Easter Bunny is going to stop by for a visit and hand out candy. The North Strand Optimist Club will also have activities, attractions and refreshments for the event.

The event is free and everyone is welcome! Call the North Myrtle Beach Parks and Recreation department if you need additional informaton: 843-280-5570.

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Keeping NMB Safe

Last week, the six officers who make up North Myrtle Beach's Beach Patrol completed personal watercraft training (PWC). This makes the team the only rescue technician instructors along the East Coast certified by Rescue Training International (RTI).

It's just one more way that the Grand Strand demonstrates that that safety is the number one priority while residents and tourists alike enjoy our beaches during the summer.

The team is now trained in maneuvering in rough surf, rip current rescues, victim towing and more. In addition to the six patrol officers completing the instruction, five of the cities head lifeguards were also certified with RTI as PWC technicians.

All of the North Myrtle Beach lifeguards participate in RTI training and combined with the PWC techs, it makes the team highly skilled and well qualified to protect residents and visitors during the busy tourist season.

Come and enjoy the fun! You might just want to stay.

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Towers on the Grove

While perusing web articles and newspapers to find interesting info for my blog, I came across this great new construction project that is well underway and ahead of schedule: Towers on the Grove. It replaces Cherry Grove Manor, a popular vacation spot for families in the Northern end of North Myrtle Beach.

If you are interested in North Myrtle Beach condos, this is a property you definitely want to want to keep in mind. The building is going to be incredibly snazzy and will be absolutely spectacular when the project is complete. Amenities include indoor and outdoor pools, private beach access, a full service restaurant, and commercial real estate space for a variety of specialty shops.

The units feature upscale furniture and accessories including granite counter tops in the kitchens and baths, at least one jacuzzi style tub, as well as tiled entryways, kitchens and baths. There is also a custom furniture selection available that includes flat screen TVs.

Upgraded packages are available and include stainless steel appliances, ceiling fans, deluxe cabinetry, crown molding and the option of a custom tile backsplash in the kitchen.

What's amazing about these oceanfront condos in North Myrtle Beach is that there is a starting price point of just $149,900. Towers on the Grove will have floor plans ranging from affordable efficiencies to prestigious three bedroom condos with oceanfront views.

Wouldn't it be great to scoot down the elevators, stop the by the on-site lounge to grab a pina colada, head out to the tropical pool deck and then float around on the lazy river on your day off? This property really is the total package.

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Small Businesses have Eye on Future Profits

Most people driving by the Waccamaw Pottery probably have their eyes on the Hard Rock Theme Park, but several small business owners have their eye on future profits.

Some small businesses in the area have been around a long time, but more recently Myrtle Beach businessmen have been eyeing the area. Experts say that the theme park can expect to draw between 25,000 and 30,000 customers each day and the hope is that being so close to the action will be great for business.

Joseph Carver told that he thought Waccamaw Pottery would be the perfect location for his sandwich shop “Coasters.” Even though the park hasn’t opened yet, he says the he is already getting new customers because of the draw of the theme park.

All in all, the influx of tourist into the area is going to be great for a variety of businesses and will help make the local economy even stronger.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Spirit Expands Air Service from Myrtle Beach to Orlando

Starting June 12 , Spirit Airlines will begin direct flights between Myrtle Beach and Orlando.

The competition is heating up with Spirit Airlines making the announcement on the heals of Allegiant Air announcing that they were beginning non-stop Orlando flights from Wilmington.

It’s a quick flight departing from Myrtle Beach at 11:05am and arriving at the Orlando International Airport (MCO) at 12:35p. You could be in Disney by 2:00pm!

Return flights are expected to depart Orlando at 4:15pm and with arrivals back into the Grand Strand by 5:45pm.

It’s great to see Spirit Airlines expand routes in the Myrtle Beach area. Currently Spirit carries more than 318,000 passengers each year to and from the Myrtle Beach area.

Not only will Myrtle Beach residents be flying south, but it is expected that the expanded route will give the Orlando residents a chance to check out our new, exciting theme park. Golfers will also enjoy the chance to visit our less crowded courses while staying in one of our great oceanfront condos in Myrtle Beach.

Who knows? It might just lead to a second home purchase of one of our great Myrtle Beach resorts.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tanger Outlet gets Multi-Million Dollar Facelift

The Myrtle Beach Tanger outlets, located at HWY 501 and HWY 17, offer a collection of over 200 brand name outlet stores and welcome nearly 10 million enthusiastic shoppers year.

Tanger began a $20 million makeover project last December at the HWY 501 location. The design will have the charm of small town America, combined with the whimsy of Victorian accents.

Stanley K. Tanger, Chairman and CEO of Tanger Factory Outlet Centers, Inc. told The Earth News that renovation projects are an important investment in the economic growth of their shopping centers as well as the communities that they are a part of.

Myrtle Beach is one of the nation’s top vacation destinations and offers a variety of accommodations from oceanfront condos in Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas, to resorts with an island feel, as well as hotel accommodations ranging from 2-4 star.

The $20 million makeover ensures that the HWY 501 Tanger shopping center will continue to draw customers and be a location that is vibrant and attractive for many years to come. Plans include a Main Street style storefront where shoppers will stroll streetscapes that have a pleasant park-like feel. There will be seating areas to relax and landscape touches that are reminiscent of gardens.

The work is expected to be completed this fall and is just one more way that our area continues to grow and to improve upon itself.

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Monday, March 3, 2008

Updates and Improvements for MB Transit System

It’s an exciting year for Myrtle Beach with many updates and improvements in the works for our transit system. Residents and Vacationers can expect to see the groundbreaking for Myrtle Beach International’s new air terminal, an expanded bus system and new roads.

The focus is on increasing ways people can get to the Grand Strand and making it a breeze for them to get around town once they arrive.

Mike Barbee, a project manager for the SC Department of Transportation told The Sun News that if a vacationer comes here this year and spends a lot of time sitting in traffic, next year they may decide to go somewhere else.

Myrtle Beach real estate owners and residents of surrounding areas will love the Main Street connector in North Myrtle Beach. It’s slated to open in spring 2009. The $85 million project will connect to SC 31 and drop you directly off in the heart of North Myrtle Beach, eliminating a tremendous amount of traffic on HWY 17.

A friend who rents one of the oceanfront condos in North Myrtle Beach says she is excited about the new connector and how easy it is going to be to get to the south end and shop without having to fuss with the traffic.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

MB Airport Expanding

The Myrtle Beach Airport will begin construction on a $4 million general aviation terminal in 2008 and hopes to complete the project by 2009. The new terminal is going to provide service for private and charter flights.

Plans include an 11,000 square foot building that has conference rooms, a lounge for the pilots and office space.

The airport is also working to bring new carriers to the terminals. The new carriers will open new routes to and from the area, and the competition will help keep ticket prices low.

Don Schunk, economist with Coastal Carolina University, told The Sun News that travelers fly to neighboring airports because it's less expensive, and it's important for Myrtle Beach to open more options for air service.

Vacationers and business professionals alike want the convenience of an airport that has a variety of nonstop and direct routes available at affordable prices. These factors help drive a strong market for Myrtle Beach real estate. It makes it easier for someone to own a second home in the Grand Strand if they don't have to drive 2 hours from Charleston because of pricing and flight availability.

Myrtle Beach gets better everyday! If you are interested in Myrtle Beach condos or other real estate in the Grand Strand, contact the Myrtle Beach Condo Store.