Monday, March 31, 2008

Check out the New T3 Police Cruisers

It kind of looks like a suped up Jazzy chair, but this vehicle won the 2007 Innovation Award for Best Vehicle and the Spark Award at the International Spark Design Awards. The T3 vehicles are electric motorized three wheel vehicles and the city of Myrtle Beach just purchased three of them for the police force.

The T3s are designed and manufactured by T3 Motion, Inc. with public safety officers and private security markets in mind. It is set to travel at 12 miles per hour and gets officers out of their cars, onto the streets, and interacting with the public. They increase mobility, and are fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.

Perfect for Myrtle Beach in the busy tourist season.

The T3s were purchased with $30,000.00 in seized drug money and the city has trained 30 officers how to use them. Officers will begin cruising around on them Monday and will be used in The Market Common area and Third Avenue South to 21st Avenue North.

They're designed to help officers tackle many of their daily functions, including patrolling public areas. The T3's improve the efficiency of the police force; they cover more ground more quickly, and reduce fatigue which is important during our hot summer months.

It's exciting technology and Lt. Richard Show of the Myrtle Beach Police Department told The Sun News that we are one of only two areas in the state using the vehicles.

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