Monday, March 31, 2008

The Market Common: All about Location

It lacks visibility. It lacks familiarity. Many Myrtle Beach residents have no idea where it is and zip right by it! And... that's just the way developers planned it.

The Market Common is tucked away and off the beaten path, nestled in between Kings Highway and the bypass. Clayton McCaffery, vice president of leasing for McCaffery Interests, told The Sun News that they would have never done this project right on Highway 17 or the Bypass.

McCaffery Interests is developing The Market Common. The vision was to make another shopping area off of the main interstate, but to create an urban village in an area that allowed room for expansion and creativity. It will be an hot spot for Myrtle Beach condos and Myrtle Beach real estate, where residents live amongst shops and residential properties are mixed with commercial real estate.

Now that the The Market Common is making it 's debut, expect to hear a lot more buzz and see more billboards and other advertisements. This is one of the most exciting projects launching in the city of Myrtle Beach!

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