Saturday, July 3, 2010

Virginia Zoo

One of my earliest memories was standing with my face pressed up to the fence of the Lafayette Zoo and having a deer come up and kiss me. I was super tiny. Maybe just 3 or 4 years old. That deer just made my day. That sweet kiss might have very well been the start of my childhood fantasies of living a Dr. Doolittle lifestyle surrounded by bunnies, horses, lions, tigers and whatever creature the good Lord wanted to throw my way.

I was lucky enough to own a small pet shop and surrounded myself with beautiful tropical fish, small parrots, adorable newts, silly frogs, mean hamsters and even I even had a snake that I was afraid of. I've been bitten by the best: hamsters, parrots, a Rottweiler and even my crazy cat, Mo.

I love going to zoos, aquariums, wildlife refuges, etc. I am a true tourist at heart and love to travel and take pictures.

My friend Jan and I have several attractions websites: Virginia Beach Attractions, Myrtle Beach Kids Stuff, Florida Tourist Attractions and Charleston Things To Do. I jump at every chance I get to build pages on cool places like the Virginia Beach Aquarium, the Virginia Zoo and the Myrtle Beach Aquarium. Visiting all the great area tourist attractions gives me the opportunity to indulge myself in everything I am passionate about: animals and their environment, travel and tourism, web-design, videography and photography.

Most recently, I took my nephews, Jack and Sam, too the Virginia Zoo. They are adorable and completely photogenic- so lots of pictures and video clips were taken by their doting aunt. The video below was the icing on the cake for the Virginia Zoological Park page.

I miss my little nephews so much and have watched this video more than 20 times.

While there isn't a Virginia Beach Zoo, this tourist attaction definitely made it on our Virginia Beach Attractions website because of its close proximity to Virginia Beach.

I hope you enjoy it the video and hope that you get a chance to visit the Virgina Zoo sometime in the near future. They have made a lot of improvements over the last 5-10 years, so if you haven't been in a while it's definitely time for a visit.

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  1. i like your blog..i think you did an awesome job on it!! :) you need to go to Seattle WA and make some cool videos :)and i can be on your video too haha jk
    anyway... great job Mellisa!!!:D