Friday, December 28, 2012

Virginia Beach Zoo Baby

It's a girl!! And she needs a name...

The Virginia Zoological Park has a new resident: a baby siamang. The baby was born on August 20, 2012 but zookeepers needed time to determine her sex. The proud parent's are named Bali (father) and Hitam.

Siamings are the largest members of the lesser ape family. They have shiny black fur and a large throat pouch that can be expanded to the size of the ape's head to make loud mating calls and communications.

With long arms and legs, siamangs are known as the kings of swing! They are acrobatic, comical and well-suited to a life in the tree-tops of the Malaysian forests.

The zoo in Norfolk VA is having a contest to name the little baby and they're taking suggestions on their Facebook page. To enter, simply like the page and suggest a name before January 15, 2013. The winner will get to have lunch with the siamang zookeepers and a $200 shopping spree at the zoo's gift shop.

Mit Tressler

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